Getting a boat licence can be tricky, but not if you book with us. Our streamlined & simplified sessions means you can get your NSW boat and jetski licence hassle-free. Don’t make it hard on yourself; book your spot today!

NSW Boat & Jetski Courses

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All students aged 12 & up are welcome to attend our sessions. Our courses are held in Wollongong and surrounding towns so you wont have to travel far to get your licence

You’ll Need Acceptable Proof Of Identity

Each individual sitting the safe boating course MUST provide acceptable Proof of Identity (POI). This is a government mandated requirement. We recommend you read and understand the NSW Maritime POI brochure prior to arriving at the course. All ID checks must be done at the course with one of our trainers.

Age Restrictions

Students aged 12 to under 16 years of age must have acceptable POI. POI requirements for these students only can be met by providing their full, original birth certificate. They must also attend with a parent who must also have acceptable POI with them.

Special Needs Applicants

If you require reading and/or writing assistance, we are able to help. However, we must know prior to your booking to ensure that you receive adequate assistance at the course. At a minimum, all applicants must be able to understand and write in English. We recommend that you contact Wollongong Boat Licence Course if this is an issue.

Boating Handbook/Logbook

Free copies of these books are available online. We recommend you do a minimum of 3 hours study prior to arriving at the course.

Assessment Policy

There is a multiple choice assessment within the course. To assist you, we’ll provide pre-course study material upon booking so you can be well prepared.

Re-assessment Policy

From time to time people may be required to retest we will do this free of charge and on the same day. After this, if further training and assessment are required, we may give you an invitation to return. This would be without repaying the course fees, however a small retest fee may be applicable.

Rescheduling Policy

Once you reserve your seat in any given class, you are securing a space and others may be denied the opportunity to attend. Consequently, we reserve the right to refuse your rescheduling to another class. Boating Licence Course also reserves the right to reschedule any given class due to circumstances beyond our control. If we must reschedule a class, you’ll be given the opportunity to attend any class given by us within 1 year or to a full refund.

Refund Policy

All sales are final. In the event that you cannot attend the course, refunds are not available.


There is no GST within our fee. You have not been charged any GST.


All feedback must be made via email to by contacting us via email so your matter can be dealt with by the relevant department.

Topics Covered

Sailingworld Pty Ltd Registered as RTO # 91229 who is trading as Wollongong Boating Licence Course. This course is based upon the national syllabus of boating education designed to prevent boating incidents and save lives. The package being supplied consists of the following five units:

  • MEM50009B – Safely operate a mechanically powered recreational boat
  • MEM50010B – Respond to boating emergencies and incidents
  • MEM50008B – Carry out trip preparation and planning
  • SISOPWC202A – Demonstrate simple personal water craft skills in controlled conditions (if doing PWC)
  • SISOPWC201A – Select and maintain a personal water craft (if doing PWC)

NSW Boat & Jetski Courses

Call 0468 638 685